Meet The artist of Aria Rose Photography: Shemika

Hi there! I'm Shemika, the girl behind the lens. I am a mother to 3 amazing, fun and loving rugrats who started my love and journey of photography. I'm here to put your mind at ease when it comes to photographing your little ones, after all...I've had plenty of practice with my 3!

As a mother, I can understand the anxiety of getting your kiddos ready for a photoshoot and wanting everything to go smoothly and getting the best portraits as possible. Never fear, I got you! I get even the shiest of children (and adults too!) to open up and have fun in front of the camera. By the time the session is over, I will be their best friend!

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A few of my favorite things


“I think this may be a favorite among most photographers honestly. Coffee helps me get through long nights of editing, early mornings with my children after long nights of editing, and especially midday when the lack of sleep is hitting me. You can probably even guess that I am driving coffee as I type this. So needless to say, I am in a very committed relationship with my Keriug.”

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Kind Words

Jamie (Fiona)

“Never have I EVER seen photographs turned into pure artform as Shemika creates them. I cried when I received my daughter's portraits. Shemika is an amazing photographer on so many levels and I am just an awe every single time she puts my daughter behind her camera. Booking her is absolutely worth the investment.”

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