Welcome to Shutterbugs Photography Camp

where young photographers embark on a dynamic journey into the captivating world of photography! Join us for an immersive experience designed to ignite creativity, foster skill development, and inspire a lifelong love for photography.

This 5 day camp is designed to ignite creativity, foster skill development, and inspire a lifelong love for photography. 

Each camp day will span 1.5 hours, running from 9am to 11:30am. Following each lesson, engaging hands-on activities, including photo shoots, will reinforce daily learnings. Day one kicks off with introductions and camera basics, covering various types, mounts, functions, and lenses. Subsequent days delve into:

  • Day 2: Mastering Camera Controls
  • Day 3: Composition Techniques and Introduction to Storytelling
  • Day 4: Exploring Color and Light
  • Day 5: Editing Basics and Showcase Preparation

Curious about your child becoming a Shutterbug?

Feel free to reach out by sending a message here, via email, or by giving me a call.

Phone Number: 817.877.7467

Email: hello@ariarosephotography.com

"We Are the Music Makers and We are the Dreamers of Dreams"

Arthur O'Shaughnessy


I. What age range is the camp suitable for?

This camp is best for kiddos ages 10 years old to 16 years old.

III. Do children need to have prior photography experience to attend?

Absolutely not! The camp is designed to cater to beginners as well as those with some experience. We will teach them the basics and move on to a little more advanced things towards the end of the camp.

V. Will there be outdoor activities or photo shoots?

Yes, there will be outdoor photo shoots planned during the camp to provide hands-on experience in different settings. We will also be using our storytelling skills to come up with a photoshoot!

Who will be teaching the camp?

The camp will be taught by Shemika aka Mika, an experienced child portrait photographer and educator with over 8 years of experience in the field. She is also currently a Teacher's Assistant at BISD.

II. What if I have more than one child?

Both children can join! There is a sibling discount for the second child. There is a 10% discount. If you have 3 or more, please contact Shemika before registering for the camp.

IV. What will my child need for the camp?

Children will need to bring a DSLR camera and a laptop with Adobe Photoshop installed. If your child does not have a camera of their own, there are places you can rent a camera and lens. Please reach out if your child does not have a camera. Parents may need to subscribe to Adobe for access, but a free 7-day trial is available.

What is the showcase and when will it be held?

The showcase is an exciting event where we celebrate the creativity and achievements of our campers by displaying their work from the 5-day camp. Held in the evening of the last day of camp, it's a wonderful opportunity for children to showcase their photography skills and share their stories with family and friends.

What is the cost of the camp?

The cost for the 5-day camp is $175 per child. Please note that the camp fee is non-refundable. However, if you find that you cannot attend the scheduled camp day, you may transfer the payment to another camp date or opt for a one-on-one session.

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