The Experience

"Anyone who tells you fairy tales aren't real, just haven't found it yet."


WHAT ARE our Enchanted MAGICAL SESSIONS all about?

Our Enchanted Creative sessions are about encouraging children (and women if you are looking to do a Goddess session) to dream a little and use their imaginations to create something unique and personable to them. Whether that is being apart of their favorite Anime series, becoming a mermaid, ice fishing with a polar or literally stepping out of their favorite fairytale nothing is out of reach with Aria Rose Photography.

From the moment you inquiry with us until the your artwork arrives, the magic never stops. Don't take our word for it, send us an message and try the experience for yourself.

The Process

I: The Design Consultation

Step into the enchanting realm of our Dreamer Sessions, where the journey begins with a personalized consultation led by Shemika. Whether it's via phone, FaceTime, Zoom, or in-person, Shemika delights in meeting the children she'll be enchanting with her artistry. Feel free to bring them along—this not only fosters comfort but also instills confidence before the enchanting session unfolds.

During the Enchanted Consultation, you'll delve into your and your child's vision, address any pre-session jitters, and the highlight for the little ones—selecting their wardrobe. Once the consultation wraps up, Shemika will weave her magic into creating an inspiration board tailored to your child's session, granting you a glimpse into the enchantment that awaits.

II: The Session Day

When your child's session day arrives, we will either meet at your desired location that was discussed during your Enchanted Design Consultation.

On the day of your child's session, we'll meet at your preferred location, as previously discussed during your Enchanted Design Consultation.

While we work our magic, you can kick back and relax, knowing we're capturing every enchanting moment.

III: The Reveal

Welcome to The Reveal—the most enchanting and magical part of your experience.

Shemika will guide you through all the images captured during your session, unedited, allowing you and your child to curate the selection that will shape their final story. Handpick only the images that resonate with you, those you envision being transformed by Shemika's skilled editing, aligning perfectly with your desired collection or products.

This is also the moment when you'll decide on the collection you wish to purchase. Payment is due at this time, with flexible payment plans available to accommodate your needs, ensuring this enchanting experience is accessible to all.

Let's Plan Your Child's Enchanted Session